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She is an accomplished executive with extensive domestic and international experience in operational management. Her expertise encompasses P&L oversight, multi channel product distribution, and strategic marketing for both start-up and growth-oriented enterprises. As a results-oriented and decisive leader, she has consistently demonstrated a proven track record in identifying new markets and strategically positioning multimillion-dollar healthcare organizations and technology solutions. Throughout her career, she has consistently delivered increased sales and improved the bottom line while spearheading operational enhancements to drive productivity and cost reduction. She excels in dynamic, high-pressure environments while maintaining a pragmatic and focused approach.


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Organizational Restructuring
Risk Management


“I understood early on that the power of dreams, passion, and hard work can transform lives and make them more meaningful and successful.”


She is a goal-driven founder, a strategic leader, and a highly decisive business professional with a proven track record of successfully launching and scaling start-up companies. With a strong background in managing product life cycles from ideation to market launch and ensuring profitable monetization, she has repeatedly demonstrated a strong entrepreneurial spirit, an open mind, and a willingness to tackle new challenges with boundless patience and perseverance. As an industrious founder, she has a history of securing investor funding, cultivating customer bases, and effectively managing diverse leadership functions. She is committed to cultivating company growth from within and advocates for forming high-quality, successful, and cohesive teams.



As an accomplished Chief Executive Officer, she brings over a decade of experience and a proven track record of leadership and achievements. She has effectively promoted a culture of continuous operational improvement by demonstrating adept management and change leadership. She has streamlined internal systems, bolstered revenue, and optimized profits by implementing a plethora of comprehensive strategies. With precision, she oversees budgets, conducts staff training, and monitors procedures to maximize efficiency while harmonizing objectives with operational demands. Her exceptional performance in corporate inventory management, loss prevention, and vendor negotiation underscores her unparalleled expertise in her field.



She strategically expanded a multitude of businesses' customer base, revenue, and staff. As a visionary professional, she is exceptional at pioneering new approaches to evolving business and market needs. As an entrepreneurial executive with a strong history of industry success, she has adeptly built operations from the ground up using strategic and scalable methods. Her uncanny acumen allows her to swiftly identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities, coupled with a wealth of experience in operations leadership. Renowned for identifying and decisively implementing process improvements to drive efficiency and productivity, she is a motivating leader with a proven track record of effectively managing cross-functional teams.



“Guia's adept leadership professionalism and expertise within healthcare technology epitomize a visionary approach to integrating technology within the healthcare sector. Her consistent demonstration of forward-thinking strategies and a profound understanding of the evolving healthcare landscape reflects a global perspective. Her capacity to lead initiatives at this nexus not only underscores her innovative mindset but also highlights her skill in navigating the multifaceted complexities of healthcare technology. Her unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with a deep understanding of healthcare and technology, positions her as a trailblazer driving impactful change within the industry on a global scale.”

Tunde Banjo
Founder & CEO of Genesis Hydrocarbons
Global Attorney
Global Entrepreneur and Investor

"Guia is a strong leader who can stand above any challenges thrown at her. She has successfully built an enterprise from the ground up, all while helping her clients and employees to rise above with her."

Nathan Julian
Founder and CEO of several Post-Acute Health Care Organizations
Global Entrepreneur and Investor

"Guia’s ability to empower her business partners and associates are a testament of her leadership skills. Her people-centric approach is an inspiration to many, including me."

Tim Ikani
Founder and CEO of several Tracking, Shipment and Hospitality Organizations
Global Entrepreneur and Investor

"Through her years of experience in the Healthcare Industry, Guia has helped both big and small agencies thrive and achieve success. I am very lucky and proud to be a part of it all."

Leilani Gonzalez
Executive Nurse Leader
President and CEO of several Organizations in Health Care
Global Entrepreneur and Investor
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